Christopher K. Morgan & Artists is a professional contemporary dance company founded in July 2011 as a vehicle for Morgan’s choreographic exploration of social and cultural issues. With a dual residency at American Dance Institutein Rockville, MD, and The Alden in McLean, VA, the company provides a creative outlet for its artists through virtuosic and expressive dance performances that give audiences an opportunity for self-reflection.

Christopher and Wytold met at the Strathmore Performing Arts Center in 2013 when Christopher’s company led a workshop on crossdisciplinary collaborations for Strathmore Artists in Residence. Since meeting, Wytold has written and performed original scores for Bruised, a CKM&A duet that explores the nature of impact in a world where one can so easily walk past, or even into another person without ever seeing them, as well as In the Cold Room, a trio for the women of CKM&A that explores reactions to light, dark and temperature to create an abstract examination of isolations and connection.

Wytold is currently composing for Pohaku, a new piece that will premier in November 2015 that explores interactions between Hawaiian and western culture and is inspired by Morgan’s late studies of the life and work of his cousin, master hula teacher John Kaimikaua (1959-2006). At the same time, Wytold is composing a new original score for Limited Visibility, a 2012 CKM&A piece which will be revamped in May 2015 in which the performers create intimate spaces on stage using an array of lighting sources they control themselves.

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