Wytold writes original music on the six-string electric cello inspired by outdoor rock climbing trips, world travel, his background studying philosophy of physics, and his daily work leading music workshops in military hospitals.  Using electronic edge alongside acoustic harmonies and double-stop grit, Wytold’s electrified-chamber sound energizes rock clubs as much as it inspires reflective audiences in the concert hall.

Wytold received the 2018 Montgomery County Executive Award for Artistic Excellence, several grants from Montgomery County, the state of Maryland, and the District of Columbia, and the "Best Six-String Electric Cellist" award from the Washington City Paper's 2018 Best Of.  His recent projects include scoring the HBO Documentary Film “We Are Not Done Yet”, and releasing a classical hip-hop album "Beats, Bows & Remixes" with GRAMMY-nominated Christylez Bacon at a celebratory show with the National Symphony Orchestra. 

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